Russ, also known as Russ Splash and Russ Millions, is a British Born UK rapper and songwriter from south London In December 2018 he released his single "Gun Lean" on Virgin Records. The track peaked at number 9 on the UK Singles Chart, becoming the “ First Drill Artist to Break Top 10. Followed up with his next single  “Keisha & Becky” which charted number 7. On the release of  “Kiesha & Becky” “Russ” Then broke another record for being the first & only DRILL ARTIST TO BREAK TOP TEN Ever & In Style With two back to back hit single records. Doing This  “Russ”  Created his own lane being the only “Drill Artist“ To chart simultaneously. Exploding On to the scene causing manic for everyone Russ heated up the Scene even more on the release of his single  “Mr. Sheen” Smashing into the charts at “Top 30.”  Making That Three Songs Charting For 2019. With Popular Singles ”GunLean” “Keisha Becky”, “Mr. Sheen” & “OMG” Russ Million’s is on a rise to international Super Stardom. Finishing 2019 completing his first headlining tour. Russ Million furthers His Body Of Work Ending The year with a huge bang by releasing a non-profit project “ONLY FOR THE FANS“ which was released on YOUTUBE with this said to bring on 2020. We Can't-Wait To See What’s Next.